Porirua City Council
2007 Local Government Elections

Nominations Received

As at 12 noon Friday 24 August 2007,  the final nominations for the Porirua City Council and Porirua Community Trust are as follows.

The candidates will be listed in the following order on the voting documents, ie pseudo random order.

BRASH Jenny         Independent
KATENE Selwyn     Labour
KELLY Liz              Independent
SHAW Robert Keith Independent
GRAY Piripi             Independent

Northern Ward - 5 Councillors
SHEPPARD Tim       Independent
LEGGETT Nick         Independent
GREEN John            Independent
GILLON Maureen      Independent
MURRELL Euon       Independent
KATENE Selwyn      Labour
SHAW Robert Keith  Independent
DOW Sue                       

Eastern Ward - 5 Councillors
LATHAM Denys            Independent
AH HOI Litea                Labour
FAGALOA Taima          Labour
EDWARDS Raymond    Independent
MANU Tim                    
RANGI Rob                   Independent
MATENGA Hemi           Labour

Western Ward - 3 Councillors
DOUGLAS Ken        Labour Independent
DOW Sarah             Independent
BURGESS Maria       
LAVERY Bud           Labour 
SMITH Henry           Labour
EBBETT Graeme     4 Bay & City
KELLY Liz               Independent

Porirua Community Trust - Ward 1 - 4 Members
RANGI Rob              Independent
BURKE John Brian   Labour Independent
EBBETT Graeme      4 Bay & City
FAGALOA Taima      Labour
LAVERY Bud           Labour
AH HOI Litea            Labour
STANLEY David       Labour
DOUGLAS Ken        Labour Independent
DOW Sarah             Independent

Porirua Community Trust - Ward 2 - 2 Members
MARTIN Keryn       
DOW Sue                Independent
SHEPPARD Tim      Independent
LEGGETT Nick        Independent

Any queries are to be made to the Electoral Officer, Warwick Lampp, electionz.com Ltd, on 0508 666 336.

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