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2019 Local Elections Results

Note the different types of results and when they are expected to be available:

Progress Results Not all ordinary votes have been counted yet, those votes received on the last morning will still be in transit to the Electoral Officer. Progress results are expected to be available on Saturday 12 October from 2pm as reconciliations and quality assurance checks are completed. Results could change.
Preliminary Results All ordinary voting papers have been received and counted, but not all special votes. These will be announced later on Saturday evening or Sunday after we receive the last ordinary voting papers that were delivered to Council offices prior to the close of voting. Results could change.
Official Results All ordinary and special votes have been counted. These will be released by Thursday 17 October, once special votes are confirmed. Results are final.
DHB Results DHB results are dependent upon having results from all Councils within the DHB area. We will publish the DHB results as soon as we can, but we may have to wait to receive votes from other Councils. Official Results for a DHB cannot be released until Official Results for all the Councils within the DHB area, have been declared.
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