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For 22 years electionz.com has successfully delivered more than 3,500 elections, processing more than 80-million postal votes and online votes. With this much experience, we know how to make your election a complete success.

We can manage your complete election including advertising, electoral roll maintenance, mail outs, candidates, email reminders, sms (txt) reminders, design and print your voting material plus deal with any electoral inquiries, announcing results and notifying candidates accordingly.

These are important responsibilities which must be done correctly to maintain the integrity of your election without causing distraction from your normal business as usual duties.

Our clients range in size from just a few hundred to many hundreds of thousands of voters. This has given us a great deal of experience in a wide range of elections including corporate elections, education sector elections, government agency elections, farming sector elections, energy trust elections / power trust elections, not-for-profit elections, iwi elections and local council elections.

With our internet voting, also known as online voting or e-voting / i-voting, telephone and postal voting options, no election is too large, too complex, or too small for our experienced, independent elections management team.

Voting Methods

Chose a combination of postal voting, online voting and telephone voting to provide your voters with a cost efficient, secure, proven, method to participate in your elections.

Database Management

We have a dedicated in-house team of experts with elections specific database skills.
This allows us to add value in a number of ways like reporting potentially duplicated voters, voting return analysis and demographics.

Proven Results

We have a proven track record of managing an elections database of 1.26 million voters, 576,000 returns and processing 4.5 million votes within a 16 day period for the NZ local government elections.

Certified Results

Our integrated database and vote processing systems have been independently audited and certified.
This means you can have complete confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the election process and the results. As proven by two judicial recounts, we are proven at determining a voter’s intention, (i.e. what is a valid or invalid vote).

Speed and Accuracy

We are the pioneers of high speed vote scanning and online voting in New Zealand and are the leaders in these fields.
No one has more experience than us in delivering elections using internet voting, high speed scanning or telephone voting; we know how to deliver all the benefits and how to manage potential problems before they occur.
Our clients can be confident in the accuracy of our results and that our elections are carried out on time, on budget and with no stuff ups.

Guranteed Integrity

We are not reliant on any third party sub-contractors to deliver any database, document scanning or vote processing functions.
These are executed solely in-house by electionz.com staff using our own systems and resources.
This means we can take full responsibility for the integrity of your election.

Iwi Elections

We provide an independent election service to iwi organisations for conducting Treaty Settlement elections including Deed of Settlement (DoS), Deed of Mandate (DoM), Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE), Mandated Iwi Organisation Ratification polls and Board of Trustee elections.
Download the Iwi services brochure.

Graphic Design

We have dedicated inhouse graphic design capabilities with more than 15 years of experience in the design industry.
Designing voting documents, reports, websites and everything in between, we can handle any design work you may require to make your election a success.

Thinking about using STV?

We can offer sound, practical advice based on many years of experience providing Single Transferable Vote (STV) elections to Local Governments and Corporates.
Click here to see how STV works.

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The electionz.com team

Steve Kilpatrick - Managing Director

Steve Kilpatrick

Managing Director

T +64 3 377-3530

Warwick Lampp - Business Development

Warwick Lampp

Business Development

T +64 3 377-3530

Anthony Morton - Election Management

Anthony Morton

Election Management

T +64 3 377-3530

Michele Day - Election Management

Michele Day

Election Management

T +64 3 377-3530

Ann Loughnane - Election Management

Ann Loughnane

Election Management

T +64 3 377-3530

Isiah Roberts - Election Management

Isiah Roberts

Election Management

T +64 3 377-3530

Heather Doherty - Office Manager

Heather Doherty

Office Manager

T +64 3 377-3530

Andrew Stewart - Software Developer

Andrew Stewart

Software Developer

T +64 3 377-3530

Ian Valenzuela - Software Developer

Ian Valenzuela

Software Developer

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Dion Holswich - Graphic Designer

Dion Holswich

Graphic Designer

T +64 3 377-3530

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